About us

The heart of this motocross team is Marek Skřivan, he has been doing karting for almost 35 years. Mark’s passion for motorsport has always been supported by his parents, and they are still a great support to the whole team today. Reliable support for the team is, of course, his wife Šárka and the mechanics – Mark’s brother Pavel and his son-in-law Kurt.

Marek himself sat for the first time in the kart when he was 10 years old, began racing when he was 14 years old and as a mechanic already helped since the age of 18. He has had a number of successes, not only once he stood on the winners’ podium of the royal category. Marek has coaching experience for many years, which you can read in the printed media already in 2006. At that time, Marek cared for Kuba Novotný, who sat in the kart for the first time when he was 3 years old.

And what did Marek say then? “He’s not afraid, he has good reflexes. Because he has been training since his childhood, he has a lot of strength in his hands, now he drove hundred and fifty rounds in Mýto and he was fine. I drove five rounds and I was tired of it, my hands hurt.” Whoever wants to check out the little Kuba doesn’t have a great chance of finding him in his permanent residence. We found him on the karting track in Písek-Hradiště. One’s ears hit the terrible scream of the engines. There is no room for conversation, you have to scream incredibly. “Karts are a relatively safe sport,” says Marek Skřivan, Kubík’s coach. “The machine is very manageable, I don’t remember a big crash, and it’s not dangerous. This year, Kuba has to go as much as possible and get the kart under control. He has good physical condition, perception and rapid reaction. You have to decide very quickly in the go-kart, the time for the decision is zero seconds. Kuba is really a talented guy. The next year, the championship will be either in Italy or in Germany.” Šárka, the wife of the trainer, looks after Kubík when they are travelling. “He is fine all day long, he’s homesick at the evening and would like to be lulling to sleep,” says this fragile blonde.

Marek is a very humble person with a rich variety of admirable abilities. He professionally devotes himself to the preparation of his competitors, and due to the technical state of his karts, his competitors on the track are always in perfect shape.

In recent years, Marek has been taking care of children from 5 to 15 years and he has been celebrating successes at the AČR, Moravian Cup and, of course, the Czech Championship.

Nowadays, it’s driving Marek’s son Mareček with number 58, Lukáš Tomášek with number 8, Jan Pešek with number 11 and Tobiáš Louda with number 91 in the category Mini, in the OKJ category Marek has two racers Václav Tomášek with number 88 and Matyáš Louda with 20. From the New Year, Mark’s team will decorate two new girl racers.